Benifuuki Green Tea Allergies

Benifuuki: The Best Green Tea For Allergies

I need to clear up this business about green tea and seasonal allergies.  Some people (and by some people I mean people on my Facebook feed, not medical professionals) highly recommend green tea while others claim that it hasn’t work for them.  Both are right but for different reasons.

Not all green tea is the same and the biggest mistake people make when attempting to treat allergies with green tea is buying the wrong kind.  Unfortunately, the generic green tea at the grocery store won’t cut it.  Yes, all green tea comes from the same plant however, there are variations from different regions, different seed lines, as well as differences in harvesting and processing.  Only benifuuki green tea contains enough of the allergy fighting compounds needed to effectively stop the sniffles.

To learn this, scientists compared 15 different strains of tea and their research showed that benifuuki is the only one that consistently produced allergy fighting compounds in high levels.  This happens in benifuuki because of it’s unique cross-breeding history, hearty leaf composition, and special processing.  Many green tea varieties made from the yabukita strain (the most common), don’t contain any allergy relieving compounds at all.

Benifuuki green tea can be found online or in specialty tea shops.  Be sure to get the green variety, not the black, since the minimal “green” processing is a defining difference.  Once you obtain it, the recommended dose is 3 cups per day to control allergy symptoms.  Be aware that this tea contains caffeine–a stimulant.  It isn’t necessarily a bad thing since allergies cause fatigue for many people, but caffeine can interrupt sleep patterns if not timed correctly. 

So, to be clear, green tea does work for a runny nose, but only a certain variety called benifuuki and only when drinking the right amount.  If this is too complicated, good news!  Flonase is now available over the counter without a prescription for $16.99 at CVS.

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