We specialize in providing travel positions in California, Nevada and Arizona

We have travel assignments for nurses and Allied Health Professionals.  Our assignments can be local contracts right where you live, or can require travel across America to the assignment.

When we post our assignments, we will offer you the highest wage package possible.  As a regional company, we can keep our costs at a minimum, which means you get the highest wage package for our region.

When you travel with us, you can be assured we will take care of everything.

To accommodate your assignment we will:

  • Provide quality private housing accommodations
  • Provide transportation to / from the assignment
  • Provide a rental car if desired
  • If family members are traveling with you, we will assist you with their travel needs

While on an assignment we will:

  • Provide 24 hour management support
  • Provide Payroll Deposits or weekly overnight mail delivery
  • Provide healthcare coverage if needed
  • Work with your assigned facility to secure a renewal if you desire

Travel. Experience. Learn.
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  5. You are well on your way to an assignment of your choice.

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